The Hookup



IT HAPPENED TO ME:  My name is Amber I am 22 years old. I am going for my masters in philosophy, basically I don’t want to be a “real adult yet” so I went for my masters for a bullshit subject. Here is my crazy hook up story..The night starts out with my girl Amanda and I getting ready while drinking vodka seltzers.

Amanda “Tommy’s friends are so hot.. You should def hook up with one of them tonight”

Me “ I don’t know.. I just got over Mike.”

Amanda “Who gives a fuck about Mike.  Do you think Jen still gives a fuck about Brad? You’re hot. The best revenge is happiness. I think you should post a hot ass picture on insta and show him what he’s missing”

I sipped my vodka seltzer and threw a rollerball perfume in my clutch along with my ID, some cash and of course my Panty Fresh.

Amanda and I headed to the club to meet up with the rest of the guys. Thanks to the multiple Vodka Seltzers Amanda and I were already tipsy. One of the guys Tommy, bought us a round of Tequila shots. Salt, Shot, Lime and feelin fine. Tommy’s friend Mark starts talking to me. Holy shit he is hot. 6’4, ex football player, tan and bright blue eyes. I officially love him and  want his babies. Can you say I do?

Mark “ Come on let’s do a shot.”

I polished off my vodka seltzer and did another tequila shot with Mark.  Salt, Shot, Lime. My god he is so pretty. We start dancing together and a few minutes later we took another shot of tequila and another …. And another.  But in my defense, he was buying and I was not going to let him drink alone.. That would be rude. Two hours later, I am in the unisex bathroom fucking Mark and my Victoria’s Secret black lace underwear ended up on the dirty bathroom floor. Tragic and fucking gross. There is no way I am putting that shit on my vag now. After Mark and I fucked  2 and a half times. He exited the bathroom first to meet up with the rest of the group. I stayed in the bathroom and quickly grabbed my Panty Fresh out of my Pink Rebecca Minkoff clutch. I was so thankful that Panty Fresh provided me with a  comfortable seamless thong that would not show under my tight dress. Total lifesaver. I walked out confidently to meet my friends acting if nothing happened.  #notyouraveragelovestory  

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