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The Emergency Panties Story:
Empowering Women with Confidence and Comfort

Hi there, I'm Neda Shilian. Let me introduce myself—I'm not just any entrepreneur; I'm a single mom to two incredible boys, one of whom shows me the world through a beautiful Autism lens. Our journey together is more than just personal growth; it's about tackling life's challenges and finding ways to make everyday hassles a bit more bearable.

Now, let me share a little story that sparked a big idea. Picture this: I'm at JFK, right in the heart of the chaos, rifling through my purse for something that should have been there but wasn't—basic hygiene essentials. Despite my bag being stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink, the two things I needed the most were missing: a fresh pair of underwear and some wipes. And guess what? To my utter disbelief, not a single store in the airport sold underwear. Being on a plane for another 10 hours experiencing such discomfort was brutal. In that moment, frustration turned into inspiration. I thought to myself, "Why should any woman have to go through this hassle for something so fundamental?"

That's when the light bulb went off. Why not put together a compact, discreet kit equipped with everything a woman might need in a pinch? Quality panties, refreshing wipes, and panty liners—all neatly packed and ready to go. This wasn't just an idea to solve my own dilemma; it was about empathizing with others who've found themselves in similar situations.

Being a single mom has made me quite the expert at navigating life's unexpected turns. This whole adventure has been a real eye-opener about what we, as women, genuinely need, motivating me to create a product that's not just thoughtful but also empowering. It's all about providing a bit of comfort and support, no matter where you are—be it rushing through an airport or running daily errands.

This kit is more than a mere convenience; it's my commitment to making life a little easier for women everywhere. It's about offering that extra boost of confidence and a sprinkle of grace for those "just in case" moments. I want this kit to be a reliable friend for all women, because at the end of the day, it's about more than just the essentials; it's about brightening your day and saving it, one panty at a time!


Feeling fresh, clean & confident has never been more convenient for women on the go. PantyFresh is a 4in1 PantyKit for period surprises ,  pregnant problems and travel.  It includes underwear , wipe, pantyliner & Wash-Me bag.Meet Neda Shilian, the she-E-O and   brains behind PantyFresh