Airport Essentials

Airport Essentials

You are heading to the airport and you are waiting to board your plane and you see on the board that your flight has been delayed or cancelled until for an undetermined amount of time  and you realize all your essentials are already in your bag that has been checked. Now you get to your final destination and realize your luggage hasn’t arrived yet. Now your head is spinning wondering what are you going to do?

Lucky for you there is panty fresh, the small convenient all your female needs sache comes in handy. Panty fresh is a 4in1 complete women’s hygiene kit, it includes a wipe, a wash me bag to put your underwear to wash later, a panty liner that has the same abosrency as a regular maxi pad or tampon, and finally it includes a pair of  usable panties that run in all sizes from small to x-large and comes in two styles thong and bikini cut. The convenience of panty fresh is that no one at the airport or on the plane will even know you have it, it is so small that it fits right into your pocket. So you no longer have to worry about having to run to a store at the airport and buying a whole pack of pads or tampons and having to put them in your carry-on and then when you need one have to pull down your bag from the overhead bin and anger your seatmate.

Your travel needs are no longer a thing to worry about thanks to Panty Fresh. No more worrying if you will have the comforts you need during your travel ordeals because all of them fit right into the palm of your hand and pocket. So go and relax during your flight knowing you have everything you need in case something comes up.

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