Backpacking  Essentials for Women

Backpacking Essentials for Women

You and your friends have been talking about backpacking through Europe for over year, after saving all that money, getting all  your travel documents in order. You are finally here! You and your friends can’t be anymore excited to get to go on the trip of a lifetime before you head your separate ways. You get to your first destination when your friend realizes she didn’t pack any extra pads in her pocketbook for the day. Your other friends look in theirs and come up empty, your searching through your bag and you come across your panty fresh kit. Crisis averted!

Unlike America where you can be sure to find your local Walgreens, CVS, or Rite aid in every town, the rest of the world usually doesn’t have that luxury so coming to find any feminine products might be hard to come by. Fortunately, you have Panty Fresh which has all the luxuries of home that you and your friends might need for their feminine needs. Panty Fresh is a convenient on the go 4in1 feminine kit. It includes

  • An extra set of underwear available in 3 colors, white,black and nude.
  • The underwear come in 2 styles thong and bikini cut and they come in all sizes from small to X-large. So girls and women of all sizes are covered.
  • It also includes a panty liner which has the same absorbency as a typical maxi pad and tampon
  • Panty Fresh also includes a vaginal wipe to help you stay fresh and eliminate any unwanted odors.
  • The last thing included in your on the go kit is a wash me bag which you can use to throw any soiled undergarments in and can be washed later without anyone knowing.

Now you would think this is a bulky product that everyone is going to know you have, how wrong you are. All those lovely Panty Fresh products come in a sache that is small enough to fit in your back pocket or pocketbook and no one will ever know. Pantry fresh aims to provide girls and women the world over the confidence, freshness, comfort and convenience they need in any situation. So enjoy your girls only trip and know you are completely covered.

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