For the Athletic Women

For the Athletic Women

Fitness in today’s day and age is a prominent part of everyone’s lives, women today are more into staying fit than they were before. Whether it is at a gym, running the streets, or running marathons, women today are more health conscious than they were before. Now for women who don’t have the luxury of working out during the day they go to the gym before work, maybe even during their lunch breaks.  Now what do they do if they don’t have the time to shower? Here inlies the ingenious product of Panty Fresh.

Panty Fresh provides women the convenience,comfort, and confidence they need during the day after a hard workout. Now say you are at the gym for an hour before you leave for work and you realize you forgot to bring a change of underwear, Panty Fresh has you covered by providing you with a reusable pair of seamless panties that come in one of two styles either thong or bikini styles and comes in three colors  black, nude, or white, and it fits all sizes from small to x-large. Another great product that comes in Panty Fresh 4in1 sache is a wash bag, so you can just throw that pair of used sweaty underwear into it and no one will know and you wash it when you get home.

Now if you are a runner you don’t have the convenience of being able to carrying pads with you, Panty Fresh has you covered with that as well. Panty Fresh provides a panty liner with it and it has the same absorbency as a regular Maxi Pad and make it even better that the Panty Fresh sache is so small that you can just fit the pouch into your pants pocket. Finally, the last product that is included in the sache is a feminine hygiene wipe, so if you are out for a long run or in the middle of a middle of a marathon you will always feel fresh after you cross that finish line.

Panty Fresh offers women the confidence, convenience, and comfort they need after a good workout. So check out our website and never feel unprepared again.

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