Marathon Madness

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Hi, my name is Dani and this is the story of how Pantyfresh was a lifesaver during a marathon. Back in the spring, I was participating in the Long Island Marathon and my family wanted to take me out to celebrate (and to get some post-run carbs to soothe my extreme hanger) but I was feeling so gross I almost didn't want to.

Running has always been a passion of mine but the one downside to running is the sweat and other things (other runners know what I mean)

Thankfully, I had PantyFresh and was able to enjoy the day (and a nap on the way back) without feeling completely gross. The wet towelettes helped me get clean while the reusable panties helped me stay clean. PantyFresh even comes with a convenient wash-me bag to put my old undies in. Pantyfresh is essential for any athlete or any women in general. It's the truly ultimate woman survival kit!

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