Mommy Meltdown

Mommy Meltdown


Hi my name is Jeanine. I am a mom of two kids. Erica 12 and my son Jimmy who is 8. This is the story of my daughter’s period meltdown at school. I try really hard to be the best mom but I am constantly feeling like I am fucking up. I wake up at 6 AM work out, make breakfast, make lunch for my kids, wake up the kids, help get them ready and carpool to school then head to work. Just my morning alone is insane. I am always accidentally wearing my shirt inside out, or two different colored shoes or forgetting to put on underwear sometimes. I am always thinking of a million different things, I often forget to think about myself. On this one particular day, I dropped my kids off at school and headed to work. About in hour into my day by cell rings and it’s my daughter Raylin.

Me “Hey Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you calling me?”

Raylin cries “Mom I just got my period…. For the first time… I am so embarrassed. I don’t want anyone to know. Plus,I don’t have anything.”

Me “Okay, okay stay calm. I’m going to give you something…”

I hung up the phone and opened up my desk draw and took out a Panty Fresh and drove to my daughter’s school. Raylin came out the attendance office and I handed  her a Panty Fresh.

Raylin “What’s this”

Me “A new pair of underwear, panty liner, wipe and wash me bag to throw your previously worn underwear in.”

Raylin “All in this tiny box?”

Me “yup.. Amazing right?”

Raylin “Thanks mom! You’re a lifesaver!”

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