PantyFresh helps mom of 2 avoid an embarrassing situation

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Hi, my name is Amy, a mom of 2 elementary school kids who is always on the run. I hope that Panty Fresh can also be your go-to when you make a mommy mistake. It was 6 AM and I was dreading to get out of bed since I knew I had a long day ahead of me. It was my sons back to school night and I wasn’t going to be home until 9 PM at night. I eventually, dragged myself out of bed, made myself a cup of coffee and started to get my daughter and son ready for school. Once I got my children on the bus, I started to pack my work and gym bag since I always go straight to the gym straight after work. At the office, I was nonstop, in a bunch of meeting with clients and my colleagues trying to launch a new campaign for a product launch this upcoming fall.

Finally, I was done with all my meetings for the day and was able to go to my office and catch up on some emails. Scrolling down on my computer I had tons of emails to respond to. From typing away on my emails I totally lost track of time and realized it was already 5:30 PM!!! Even though I was running late I still pushed myself to still go to the gym and make it to my sons back to school night.

Running back into the locker room I knew I did not have enough time to shower and still make it to my son's school on time. I didn’t want to be the rude parent that comes sneaking through the back of the classroom while the teacher is speaking to the parents, so I decided I wasn’t going to shower and just go straight to the school. I remembered that a work friend of mine named Jessica had given me a Panty Fresh kit from a while ago that I decided to store in my gym bag just in case I’d ever feel the need to use. I grabbed it went to the bathroom freshened up and sped off to my son's school. In a hurry, I met up with my husband in front of the school and we were just in time for my sons back to school night. I was so glad I went because I got to hear how well my son was doing in school. Panty Fresh was a true lifesaver for me and was such an easy quick way for me to feel a sense of comfort and confidence walking into my son's classroom.

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