National Business Women Day

National Business Women Day

It’s September 22, 2018, and majority of women are now working 9-5 jobs.To recognize these hard-working women September 22 is National Business Women Day. Now you may be wondering what Businesswomen day is and where and when did it start. The first national Business Women came about September 22, 1982, and was officially recognized by congressional proclamation in 1983, and again in 1986. The ones responsible for this are none other than the American Business Women’s Association.

Who Makes up the American Business Women’s Association?

The American Business Women’s Association was started September 22, 1949. The reason it was started was to bring together all working women in different working fields together to provide them with opportunities to help themselves and others. It was also important because it helped provide women gain the leadership qualities, education and networking that they needed in order to become successful in the businessworld.

Today the American Business Women’s Association or (ABWA), has many chapters throughout the country which provides online training for women looking to start their own businesses as well as earn business certificates.

Today, there are endless possibilities for women to become successful in the business world, from climbing the corporate ladder to starting their own businesses. If you have the ambition to do it, go for it nothing is holding you back!

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