National Girls Night In

National Girls Night In

National Girls Night In

It’s a Saturday and you are wondering what you and your girlfriends should do tonight, well instead of going out to dinner, clubbing or the movies why not get together some of your favorite movies, beauty products and have a girl’s night in night. September 22 is National Girls Night in Day. So, put on your favorite sweats or pajamas and have a relaxing fun night at home with the girls.

Things to do:

There is an abundant list of things to do with your girls on a relaxing, fun night at home. Example when was the last time you went to a spa or just to get your nails done between work, kids and home life? Tell the girls to bring over some of their favorite beauty products and some wine and immerse yourselves in a relaxing home spa night complete with manicures/pedicures and facials. Or if that’s not what you are into maybe tell your girls it will be a potluck night and bring over their favorite dishes or even go online and learn how to make something new. A classic never dies bring over some DVDs or go onto demand, Netflix or Hulu, and watch movies or binge watch tv shows with your favorite drinks. If you and your girls are into games’ go for it! Break out the classics like Twister, Apples to Apples, Charades etc. Do whatever makes you and friends just have fun and forget about life. Personal favorite makes it a sweets night complete with cookies, brownies, anything chocolate.

This is a girls’ night in, no boys allowed! So, end your men to a bar, a sporting event or whatever makes them happy and keeps them out of your hair for the night. And you and the girls have fun!!

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