Period Mishaps

We’ve all been there whether as a young girl getting her first period or even as a young women and your period isn’t regular yet. You leave the house without anything not expecting your monthly visit that day. Now you go to the bathroom and realize you have your period and you don’t have any pads or tampons with you. Fret not because that is where Panty Fresh comes into play.

Panty Fresh is pretty much a life-saver for girls and women because it has all your feminine needs wrapped into one easy to conceal 4 in 1 sache.  The best part about Panty Fresh is that it is that sache is so small that you can seriously stick it in your back pocket, desk drawer or pocketbook and now will ever know you have it. Panty Fresh comes complete with a panty liner that has the same absorbency as a regular maxi pad or tampon, it has includes two kinds of underwear that are completely seamless and comes in 3 colors of white,nude,black; Panty Fresh underwear also comes in all sizes ranging from small to x-large. Panty Fresh also includes a vaginal wipe as well as a convenient wash me bag used to hold any soiled undergarments until you get home.

So you never have to worry about being caught in an embarrassing period situation again, all thanks to Panty Fresh.

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