Pregnancy Accidents, Fear No More

Pregnancy Accidents, Fear No More

Women all over the world know what it’s like to be pregnant and to have that adorable jumping bean inside of you make a punching bag or bounce house out of your bladder. The baby doesn’t care he/she is growing but you care when you are at work, shopping or driving around and you have leakage because of your little jumping bean. So what do you do now? You can’t go home to change and you don’t want to walk around all day being uncomfortable. Now as you are rummaging through your bag or desk and you come across your Panty Fresh Kit that you forgot about months ago. Yea, crisis averted!

That Panty Fresh Kit that you tossed aside months ago, has everything an expecting mom needs when she has a jumping bean inside of her. Panty Fresh comes complete with reusable underwear in 2 different style thong or bikini, it also comes in 3 discrete colors black,white and nude, best part it comes in all sizes from small to X-large. Now what do you do with those soiled underwear? Fear not because Panty Fresh also comes with a handy wash me bag, for later, so one has to see your used underwear sticking out of your bag and you won’t have to secretly sneak them into your desk drawer. No one will ever know you have it with you.

Now how will no one know you have this handy product with you for such a pregnancy mishap? Simple, Panty Fresh design was made to be discreet so the only one who knows you are carrying it, is you. The Panty Fresh Kit is so small that it kits into the palm of your hand, so you can stick the handy little sache that has 4 products in it including underwear, panty liners, wipes and wash bag into your pocketbook, desk drawer, backpack, gym bag or even your makeup bag.

So don’t let the fear that your adorable unborn baby decides to bounce on your bladder prevent you from going out, just throw a Panty Fresh kit in your bag and enjoy your day and pregnancy.

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