The Perfect Underwear for Yoga Pants

The Perfect Underwear for Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are an essential in every girl’s wardrobe whether you are going to the gym, wearing them to out or just lounging around you have a pair of yoga pants. But you have noticed that the material of yoga pants is lighter than regular sweatpants leaving very little to the imagination. With that mind you don’t need the whole world seeing the kind of underwear you have on. So what can be done to prevent this mishap from happening? Fortunately, that is where our handy little product Panty Fresh comes into play.

Panty Fresh is a 4-1 easy to conceal product that fits anywhere you can think of your pocketbook, desk drawer, pant pockets, gym bag, etc. Panty Fresh comes with everything a girl needs in an emergency including panty liners that can be worn as a pad, wipes for those instances when you need to freshen up especially after a workout at the gym, a wash me bag for later in case there are any mishaps that happen during the day. But the best part is that Panty Fresh also includes seamless reusable underwear that will go perfectly with yoga pants.  

Our seamless underwear comes in two styles thong and bikini as well as 3 colors black,nude and white. Now you might be thinking they won’t have my size, not so Panty Fresh underwear comes in all sizes from small to x-large so girls and women of all sizes are covered.  

So go ahead, wear your black yoga pants, gray yoga pants or cute floral ones and wear knowing the world doesn’t see your favorite pair of underwear.

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