Women Health and Fitness Day

Women Health and Fitness Day

Women Health and Fitness Day is September 26,  is the 22nd Annual National Family Health and Fitness Day. Now you may be wondering how can I get my children to the gym if they are too young to do any of the machines? You don’t need a gym to send the kids to, get them off the couch and take away the phones and ipads and get them moving.

What kind of activities will be there?

The activities being held at these events depending on where they are being hosted and who is the hosting them along with the vendors.  Some events might have.

  • Talks on preventative care in terms of health
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Blood sugar checks
  • Local area merchants that specialize in health and wellness

For the kids depending on the location of the event and who is hosting it, they event might include.

  • Races
  • Games
  • Rides such as a bouncy houses
  • Prizes

If you are still wondering how to get your kids more active according, to Gregory Florez the senior adviser on workplace leadership vitality for the American Council on Exercise you don’t want to use the word exercise, instead think of using the words games, competition, fun, run around and get messy. Those are words that will get kids moving especially younger ones. Here are some tips to help you get your kids moving.

  • If it isn’t fun it won’t happen- Instead of saying okay we are going to go jogging around the block, tell them we are going to have a race and see how many times they can get from one end of the street to the other.
  • Let each member of the family pick an activity- no matter what it is, even if it’s raking up the leafs and jumping into them a dozen times they are moving.
  • Don’t discourage them with their ideas- If your child says I want to run up the hill and roll down let them do it. Unless you believe it result in injury let them have fun.
  • Think outside the box-Instead of your typical race or basketball shootouts or soccer goals get creativity.Have water gun wars, potato sack races, the classic games like tag, hide n seek if you were a 90s kid and had moon shoes, you remember they were purple and they made you bounce and you still have them break those out and have a jumping contest or if you have have a trampoline. Flag or touch football, a soccer game. Not sport related a nice relaxing walk or hike and make a game out of like like a treasure hunt.
  • All of these are great ideas to get your kids and there’s a million more ideas out there. You can either stay with the classics or come up with something on your own.  So get out there with the kids and keep them active and having fun!



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